Drawings and tutorials

I thought that today I could write about my drawings, my favorite pencil drawings artist and his free tutorials.

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember (and that is a long time LOL) and I think the only good things I inherited from my father is my love for drawing and building wooden model ships 🙂

It has only been a couple of years ago that I picked up my pencils again after I’ve found the artist Lisandro Peña and his awesome free drawing tutorials.

When you go to his website www.onlypencil.com you will see why I think he is really awesome. His drawings look like pictures and not like drawings at all! People always think I make a joke when I say that I want to be as good as he is when I grow up, but it’s true…

My RubyI do notice that the more I make drawings, the better they get. The other day I was comparing JoeJoe the Beagle that I’ve just finished to my first drawing of my Ruby from a couple of years back and there is a world of difference. You might not be able to see it, but I do and I don’t mean that my Ruby-drawing doesn’t look good. It’s just that I see that I’m using different techniques.

When I just started to draw again, I had a real problem with black areas. You could say I was afraid to make it too black? But that is what you have your eraser for 🙂

Also, Lisandro uses a needle and an empty pen to scratch in hairs, like making a negative drawing. At first I was scratching the hairs to my hearts content but along the way I started doing that  more sparingly because, to me, that is not always the right way to do it. I’ve found that a blunted needle doesn’t ‘do the job’ for me so I turned to a ball stylus.

I spent weeks looking here in the US for those things and couldn’t find them anywhere, so I had my sister in Amsterdam sent some over. When I was looking for something entirely different on eBay I came across these ball stylus tools that I’ve been looking for since forever and got me some new ones because my thinnest one was starting to show some wear and tear; it didn’t indent the paper anymore but really scratched it…not good!

If you’re looking for them too, here they are, it’s a link of one of my favorite eBay sellers, Morezmore, or click this link

Who would have thought they were Kemper tools for sculpting!

Since I am talking about favorite things and tutorials, visit the Morezmore Estate Blog where you can find a wealth of information and free tutorials on sculpting.

Off to the outside world to work some more on my gourd birds 🙂

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