Too busy, but nothing much is happening here

I know I haven’t been writing for the last couple of days. Life just seems too busy at times.

The weather has been so nice here the last days that I worked outside in the yard, cut the grass, started my vegetable garden, put my seeds in little pots and in my little greenhouse, cleaned the last gourds (until I found another box with gourds that need to be cleaned so I’m not done by a long shot!), and things like that.

I did however work more on my gourdbirds, got most of them ready to get eyes and legs and then it’s only a matter of finishing them up 🙂 3 small ones and 4 big ones and then they’re done for now and then it’s time for my Thor Adventure!!

Today it has been raining and I looked outside and saw that the grass needs to be cut again. How come it grows so fast? They expect rain for the next 3-4 days so by the time I get around to cutting the grass again it will probably be another jungle that needs to be mowed down…

Like I said, nothing much has happened here but I still have been a busy little bee.

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