Thor on the back burner, show, gourds, and Chester

I should have posted last week, but I have been busy getting ready for a local Arts & Crafts show that we had last Saturday. Thor has been put on the back burner because I still had some gourd birds I needed to finish and had to put some flower arrangements together. Why I don’t know since this was the worst show I’ve ever been to. All day long we had people walking into our booth, telling us how great everything looks but we didn’t sell one single thing… Last year wasn’t that great either and with this year’s experience it shows that this is just not the venue for our art.

Here are some of the (small) birds I took with me. I have to take more pictures, also of the flowers.

Gourd birds

Gourd birds

The day was long, got up at 5am to pack everything onto the truck, extremely hot and we packed up before the show was over because there was a thunderstorm coming. It did give me time to work more on Chester, a Springer Spaniel I am drawing for a good friend of mine in the UK. I promised to draw Chester for her after he passed away last year but I’ve been too busy with other things. I reckon that big black cap was putting me off too! But, I am getting there now, started to give the basic black to the cap, still have to start on the gown and of course it needs a LOT of details still. Thought to show you though…


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  1. Hey Astrid! Your gourds are beautiful!! I can’t believe that you did not sell these stunning pieces! Doing shows are always such a “iffy” kind of thing – especially now with the economy being the way it is. Maybe you can do better on Esty or Ebay. I also love your drawing of the Springer Spaniel … it is awesome!!
    Miss you girl!!
    hugs, luny

    • Thank you, Miss Luny, for your nice compliments! I know doing shows right now are a bit difficult indeed with the economy the way it is, but it feels bad that people around you are selling and we didn’t sell 1 single item. Shelby went with me this time and she didn’t sell any of her pictures either and, not being biassed, she brought some beautiful pictures!
      There was a person at this show who makes duck decoys and gorgeous carved birds out of wood and he had a bunch of them priced for only $10… how far should one devaluate one’s work and all the time and love you put in there? Like I said, looking at last year’s performance there: not the right show for us.
      I have never sold anything through Etsy yet, time to check it out. Right now I’m working on a sculpt that I’m thinking about putting on eBay. Haven’t sold anything there other than my claybooks so that will be an experience…
      Still working on Chester though, somehow I can’t really get “into” it. Maybe my sculpting ideas taking up most of my time has something to do with it? Will finish him though!
      Hope you’re doing good, my Friend, and missing you too!


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