Goats are about finished

I have about finished Thor’s 2 goats, Tanngrisni and Tanngnost. Only have to paint the horns, or give them a wash with brown acrylic paint, and paint the eyes. I will do that part once they’re hanging in front of the chariot to pinpoint the direction they look at.

Some time ago I saved a part of a jacket that was being thrown out, always thought I could use it for ‘something’. This is what I have used for the hair on the goats.

Goat hair

Goat hair

What I like about this is that it has a variation of the neutral colors and it has some black in there.

First I made some flocking for the parts that doesn’t have the long hair, like the head and the legs.

For the longer hair, I’ve cut it off like you would do with Tibetan Lamb wool for a wig and then I glued the longer hair on the body in overlapping sections, starting on the back. It still needs to be ‘styled’ though. I’d like to hang them suspended in the air in front of the chariot and make the hair flowing back to give the illusion of movement.



Goats top

On the picture showing the top of the goats you can see the parting on the back, where I have glued the hair against the direction of the flow and folded it over to hide the glue line. The piece of wood is there to hold them upright since their feet aren’t all touching the ground.

As for Thor himself, he needs his hands to be attached and his feet still need to be sculpted but I first need to make the chariot to see how they will stand on there.

Something entirely different: Kender (our Chocolate Labrador) is growing so fast and keeps on growing! She is almost 10 months now and she doesn’t look anything like the little puppy we brought home

Smokey and Kender 8-10-2011

Smokey checking out Kender, who is 6 weeks in this picture.


Kender sleeping on the couch, 6 weeks old


Kender almost 10 months old, all laid out and sleeping on the couch. She sees the green pillow as a toy, hence the corner being chewed off. Where did that small, square headed, blue-eyed dog go?

Had to share this one! Have a great day!


Thor, chariots, and helmets

Yesterday evening I started on the sketch of Thor and trying to figure out other things for my sculpt, like the not unimportant chariot. Have to make a sketch of that one too…

One of the biggest problems I have is that there are no real references as to the chariots Norsemen used and plenty of discussions if the Norse people used them or not. There is the Celtic chariot, with a single axle, the Egyptian and Roman, also with a single axle, and then I come across the “Oseberg cart” with a double axle. I know this is a cart and not a chariot but Googling images for “Viking/Norse Chariots” gives me all sort of confusing information, showing single and double axle chariots.

Thor is shown in both single and double axle chariots, while Freya is only shown in her cat-drawn single axle chariot.

So I have to make a choice here and this is what it’s going to be… the double axle chariot based on this picture that I like:


This is a drawing of Thor, made in 1901 by the German painter Johannes Gehrts and, unlike some paintings/drawings, Thor has a beard. I have mentioned it before, I’m going to stick to the Norse visualization of Thor, being red-haired, red-bearded, fiery eyed, and barrel-chested. He is, after all, the most valiant Warrior of the Norse Pantheon and an idealized image of the Viking fighter.

And he is not wearing any helmet of some sort, another reason for choosing this picture to work off. Looking for information on the Norse and their Pantheon, you will find lots of discussions. One of those discussion is if the Vikings wore helmets or not. We all know that Vikings are often shown with helmets with horns but apparently that is wrong. If the average Viking warrior wore a helmet, it would have been a non-descript conical form helmet without any adorations (I won’t go into the “wings” decoration because they have been used). Planting horns on a helmet would give your enemy the chance to grab onto those…something you wouldn’t want.

Now, to plant a non-descript conical form helmet on Thor would look silly, in my humble opinion, and very un-God like wouldn’t you think?

Off to the drawingboard for the chariot and next time I will post my sketches.

Hope you’ll have a great day!

Today is the day to start on Thor…

Good morning!

Today is the day that I feel I have to start on my Thor!

I have about finished my other ‘stuff’ of which the drawings were the most important since people were waiting on them (or so I hope LOL) and other things, like my gourd birds, I can do in between.

This whole Thor idea even has me waking up in the middle of the night, thinking about things like how to attach him to his chariot…eventhough that is a long way away from now. But not unimportant since I have to incorporate that in the sculpt’s legs.

So today, after cutting the grass and cleaning off my workspace, I will take a piece of paper and start making the initial rough draft of what I want it to look like. I have to say that I am not a huge person on making sketches. I know that some of you always start like that, some even with a very detailed drawing, but I know myself…. If I do that, especially a detailed drawing, I have the feeling that I’ve made it already and then it will slip away.

My way of working is to try things out as I go along; guess I’m more a ‘visual’ type of person who has to see the problem if there is any. But, that said, I need to figure out how tall Thor is going to be, how to attach the legs to the chariot without him toppling over or falling out (that would be BAD for a Deity of any kind!), how big the chariot will be and what it will look like, and the size of the 2 goats.

Initially I thought to make Thor 8″ tall but with the chariot and especially the goats added into the equation I have the feeling that it will be too tall and maybe too bulky. So, I’m going to make him smaller and am thinking about 4.5-5″ tall but that can always change when I make the armature.

The armature is also going to be new to me since I want to try using copper/brass rods for the head, arms and legs. That way I can bake those seperately and if something doesn’t look right it is a smaller thing to re-do. Even the clay I’m going to use is new to me. Used to working with the standard brand polymer clays (Fimo, Sculpey, Premo) I want to try ProSculpt this time. According to the reviews it is easier to sculpt with, so let’s give it a go…

As you can see there are a bunch of ‘new’ things for me with this sculpt and did I mention I haven’t sculpted in a while? LOL Time to pull out the Anatomy books and go over what I remember while waiting for the grass to dry (it’s still too wet to cut).

Wish me luck and I hope you will accompany me on this “Journey of Trial, Error, and Victory” 🙂

Finished JoeJoe


 Finished JoeJoe’s drawing last night and I think he looks good. Hopefully his ‘parents’ think so too… I always believe that a black matte  brings the drawing out more, somehow it gives it more character?

Anyway, 1 drawing down and 6 more gourd birds to go before I should start on my Thor sculpt.

I say ‘should’ because I have already started a bit on it. Printed out some skeletal anatomy for the frame and think I will stick with the 1:12th scale. That will make Thor about 4.75 – 5 inches tall, but I have to include the chariot he stands in too and then figure out how tall, or small, his goats will be.

Today I got an UGLY pink envelope from my friend Mozelle but I love the contents. She had sent me some wool straight off the sheep that I can use for my sculpt 🙂 That was really sweet! I call the envelope ugly because I detest the color pink. Not sure why, but I just do…

Yesterday I got my ProSculpt clay in that I’d ordered. Never used it before but it is praised to be one of the best sculpting polymer clays. Reckon I have to put it to the test!

I’ll make pictures of my progress with the sculpt frame and will post them at a later date. Off to the gourd birds I go…..